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On inkjet printers, a significant challenge for printing with stationary, pagewide printheads on a moving web is to suppress print quality artifacts from “nozzle errors”. These errors, which include low and high drop weights, misdirected or missing drops, or a nozzle “stuck on, can be caused by a variety of factors including PAPER DUST that clog the nozzle or affect drop ejection and printhead wear-out.  Each nozzle produces a row of dots, and the effect of a nozzle error is a dot-row that is missing (a white streak through text or an area fill), the wrong color, or the wrong density. Nozzle errors are common to all inkjet technologies, and a most practical solution has evolved for high-quality inkjet printing where visible print quality defects from nozzle errors can be completely eliminated.......the MAXJET InkJet printer web cleaner.  


MaxJet’s Internal Cyclone separator and internal collection system means there is no drop in vacuum over time from clogged filters.  Our Patented vacuum manifolds makes surface contact with the paper for complete cleaning.  MaxJet won’t become obsolete.  Maxjet cleans paper at ( web press speeds, up to 3000 FPM ). What this means to you is a solid web cleaning investment for guaranteed uptime, Printer Head life and superior print quality in the present and into the future.


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